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شفرات و كلمات سر لعبة كوماندوس 2
02/01/2015 - منتديات الروقان
شفرات و كلمات سر لعبة 2 Cheat Codes: Update by: Wim Van Gool Update by: Mohsen Shahmohamadi Email: While playing Commandos 2: Right click on a Commando, and then type in GONZOANDJON and then hit . This will activate the Cheats. Note: No text will appear on screen when typing GONZOANDJON it will look like you are doing nothing. After the Code has been entered you can then access the following cheats: RESULT CHEAT CODE Mission skip N Invincibility I Invisibility V Destroy all opponents X Place selected commandos under the pointer X Display frame rate Minus Notes on Cheats: Email: : Faizan Teleport will move the selected Commando from their current to wherever the cursor is situated. Your commandos wont show as invisible but a Red V will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to let you know the cheat has been activated. If you use the Win Mission cheat you will get all the bonus books for that level. Disclaimer: Please note these cheats and level codes are provided for reference only, this is not trying to influence players to cheat in any way and using these cheats and codes could decrease enjoyment for the game. Password of Directly Jumpingقراءة كامل الموضوع

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